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Pet Bed 14in x 6in


Protection Racket proudly introduce their brand new range of luxury Pet Beds. The company knows their ‘highly comfortable’ drum cases are often ‘mis-appropriated’ by your lovely pets. Now they can have their own!

For more than twenty years, Protection Racket’s mission has been to provide musicians with high quality, musical instrument transportation systems that combine practical functionality with maximum protection, whatever the gig! The award winning drum cases they design and manufacture are widely acknowledged as some of the best in the industry. Over the years, many customers have sent the company pictures of ‘alternative’ uses for their drum cases. So Protection Racket have taken the same specifications and hardwearing materials routinely used to make their world beating drum cases and produced a range of pet beds to give cats and dogs the comfort they obviously appreciate and deserve.

Constructed with an outer using the high abrasion resistance 600 denier Racketex ‘The Defender’, the highly durable pet beds won’t crack, fade or shrink. Plus, they are waterproof too. Propadd ‘The Protector’ is rigid enough to give the beds a padded upright edge, yet is soft enough to deflect and dissipate pressure, offering a supremely comfortable sleep experience for all pets, young and old.  The inside is lined with Propile ‘The Comfort Zone’, a synthetic fleece that removes moisture so your pet stays warm and cosy and does not feel damp. All the materials are extremely stable in all climate conditions and this makes the beds comfortable for use all year round. Plus, all beds are completed with the iconic, instantly recognisable Protection Racket logo.


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