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Hi and welcome to the Protection Racket ''Other Things We Do'' direct sales website. 

Here you will find all the amazing gear we offer outside of our Drum & Guitar range of instrument cases*: travel & touring luggage including back packs, carry-on bags, suitcases, wallets, iPad cases, laptop bags. A range of motorcycle luggage will be coming online soon for all you bikers out there and we have some very cool Protection Racket branded merchandise that we are excited to launch very soon. 

We celebrated our 20th Anniversary in 2014: we’ve been doing this for a long time! We made our name making surfboard & windsurf board bags, these boards are fragile and PR surfboard bags are still travelling the world to this day. The design of our cases are the exact same Specifications from the exact same materials, “if it ain/t broke, don’t fix it”. Of course we have made refinements and improvements as you’d expect. Unbreakable zips, cool silicone badges & luggage tags, waterproof backings, comfortable handles, all designed to make your life much easier. Effortless transportation & maximum protection.

Keep checking the site and be give us a follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram where we will announce new products as they become available.

Thanks for checking out the site and we hope you see something you like!


Deano, Nicko, Mandy & Lesley
Team PR


*Our musical instrument cases are sold only through our network of UK dealers and world-wide by our distributors. If you are looking for drum, guitar or other instrument cases, please check out the dealer section of the Protection Racket website for stockists.

Under no circumstances do we direct sell any Protection Racket product from our Drum, Guitar or other instrument ranges. 

Please note that direct sales are UK mainland only - World-wide sales are via our distributors.

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Protection Racket Direct Sales

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